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Feedback Theatre

Through the synergy between Story Telling, Social Theatre and Social and Organizational Psychology, we have developed Feedback Theatre: this methodology is born to empower people and organizations, both profit and non profit. It allows to work on change management, to share best practices and to develop and reinforce  your people's sense of purpose and belonging.

A Feedback theatre event consists of three parts:a first phase is dedicated to warming up the audience and make the relational network explicit and visible; a central phase is dedicated to stage the stories and feeling the audience relates to the chosen theme; the third phase is dedicated to a large proces debrief and sharing about the topic of the event.

J. L. Moreno's Action Methods and Playback Theatre by Jonathan Fox are the methodological routes of Feedback Theatre. Through the facilitation of a conductor, professional actors stage the audience's stories in real time as they are told. The topic is chosen by the client. Scenic action allows to make personal, organizational and social level of every story explicit, fostering awareness and mutual understanding and acknowledgment.

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Il nostro studio ha l'obiettivo di garantire un servizio di alta qualità che aiuti i nostri clienti a fare la differenza in termini di performance, sostenibilità e generazione di valore per la comunità. Per questo motivo il vostro feedback e i vostri suggerimenti sono per noi uno strumento importante per elevare costantemente la qualità dei nostri servizi e rendere sempre più sostenibile ed equa la nostra filiera. In quanto B Corporation® il nostro studio sceglie di privilegiare fornitori che siano certificati come B Corporation® o che siano esplicitamente impegnati nella generazione di valore per la comunità e l'ambiente.

We are committed to offer a service that will help our clients to make the difference in performance, sustainability and value generation for the community. For this reason your feedback and inputs are a precious tool to constantly improve the quality of our services and make our supply chain always more fair and sustainable. As a Certified B Corporation® our firm chooses to prefer suppliers that are Certified B Corporation®s as well, or that are explicitly committed to generate value for the community and the environment.

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